The Old Way Crafted to Modern Day

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Modern Craft Winery has perfected a unique wine making process that melds modern day technology with old world techniques.  From this special process, we have created wines that are smooth and freshly balanced from first to last sip.


Modern Craft Winery is a modern day négociant, a French term for wine merchants who source and blend highly sought after grapes, berries and honey under its own label.  Modern Craft Winery grape varietals and berries are sourced from Michigan and from a collection of international wine growing countries.  We let the vineyards concentrate on what they do best so that we can concentrate on what we do best.  That is, making affordable, premium tasting wines the modern way.


What makes our wines unique? We craft small vats of individual, distinctly different wines using a trade secret process that blends old and new world techniques.


Modern Craft Winery produces over 25 different labels of reds, whites, fruits, meads and specialty wines.  We have created a medley of fruit wines that are innovative and extremely pleasing to even the most discerning wine aficionado. 


We invite you to order on-line or visit any of our Modern Craft Winery "Tasting Rooms" for a truly special experience. Our affordable quality grape, fruit, meads and ice wines reflect our philosophy of encouraging you to experience our entire array of wine offerings.


From simple beginnings, Modern Craft Winery has become one of the leaders in crafting traditional wine making to modern day techniques.


Modern Craft Winery . . . “We make wines that are unique, simple and loved.”